Cheetah's Corner

Greetings my fellow Eccentric Collector and welcome to the ECCENTRIC COLLECTOR (EC) online store! This is Cheetah Ribera, Jr., your EC Public Relations Director... you may remember my pops, Cheetah Ribera, Sr. from his starring role in the 1930s and 40s Tarzan movies...

Our online store is currently closed. However, we are continuing to list new products on eBay. To find our EC products, use the eBay Advanced Search > Items search. Go to the Sellers section (tab), check the Only show items from checkbox, and enter "theeccentriccollector-com" in the Include box under the Specific sellers (enter seller's user IDs) radio button.

Also, if you would you like to receive notifications when we list new products on eBay, please send us an e-mail at NOTE: There's no need to e-mail us if you have previously ordered products from our store or added yourself to our mailing list.

That's it for now. Take care, keep safe, and remember to wear your mask.

Until next time,

Cheetah Ribera, Jr.
EC Public Relations Director